Misunderstood and Hurting Inside

The more I read about Adam Lanza and who he was the more I get scared that people will make generalizations about every kid they think may be extremely quiet and a loner type. What people fail to see here is the role everyone plays in the development of these misunderstood minds. I mean only once have I read anyone saying they offered a helping hand to the kid. I read the kids in the technology club said that Adam was starting to open up and even started telling some jokes. Do you not see here that him not talking and keeping to himself and acting unapproachable was probally his trained response to keep away what he may have percieved to be a threat to his self esteem. He probally knew he was different and so rather than open himself up to just be rejected he shut down so he disn’t have to take the risk of being hurt.

These kids are not all going to grow up to be raging mass murderers. They need care, love and compassion. Most of all they need acceptance. Too often middle school and high school aged kids are the nastiest, most judgemental, ctitical of human beings. They form clicks and make rumors and are as rude and unconcionable as to whisper rude stuff while the person suffering from a disability is in ear shot. They think if the kid looks normal ( like doesn’t exhibit an outward appearance of mental retardation) that they just must be a weird, stalker, freak. These kids obviously don’t want to tell them they have a disability for fear of being shunned worse or teased endlessly so they just eot alone in their homes, and blend into the woodwork in their classes and develope severe depression, anxiety, and self loathing that could eventually all add up until the take their own life, which is way more likely then them doing what Adam Lanza did, but hey you never know everybody is different. He could have got to a point where he felt life pointless and he felt his community wronged him and ostracized him and made him feel completely worthless and less than them and he lashed out killing the people he knew would affect the whole community?

What he did was beyond evil, but I for one think people should dig deep within themselves in this community and see that they did nothing to make this member of their community feel like they fit. Stop being so selfish people. Stop caring more about your big houses and being better than everybody else and actually help the people who can’t help they were born with a problem.


~ by misunderstoodmindz on December 18, 2012.

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